Berlinale 2015

Join our Editor-in-Chief, Charlie Green, as he covers the 65th Berlinale film festival, 2015:

Running from February 05th, through to February 15th – the Berlinale is one of the first film festivals to start in the year. Which, by all means, is one of the first places that new, unique and upcoming films are shown – often many months before their official release. Now on its 65th year, the ten day event holds over 780 feature films, documentaries and short-films from countries all over the world.

Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey -

It has sold over 100 million books in over 52 languages worldwide. It has become the UK's fastest ever selling book. It is the most talked about literature subject of many years. Heard of it? Yes! It is Fifty Shades of Grey! Given this success, it was almost guaranteed ... [Continue]

 Written: 11th February 2015 Released: 13th February 2015

Every Thing Will Be Fine

Every Thing Will Be Fine -

James Franco has had a varied acting career. Varied in the sense the he goes to and from comedies, dramas, indies and blockbusters - some flops, but others of a greater success. This range is not to say a bad thing - just an expanse of his growing ... [Continue]

 Written: 10th February 2015 Released: N/A

Mr Holmes

Mr Holmes -

Sherlock Holmes first appeared in 1887 through the work of short-stories and novels. Now, over a century later the incarnation is still about and going around works of fiction. Having had countless stories, illustrations, television series, and films made already ... [Continue]

 Written: 09th February 2015 Released: N/A

Knight of Cups

Knight of Cups -

Creating films since the early 1970's, Terrance Malick has earnt his right as an auteur film-maker. Yet, it does pose the question - are his films actually any good, or do they just get carried along? Often they feel about forty-five minutes too long ... [Continue]

 Written: 08th February 2015 Released: 01st January 2016



James Dean, although the lead-star of only three films, concreted himself as one of the cinema's golden age legends quite quickly in the 1950's - mainly through his unconventional approach to Hollywood's rules - this is, all before his premature death quite soon later. ... [Continue]

 Written: 08th February 2015 Released: 25th September 2015
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Charlie Green

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