February 2015

Continuing the year of movies, February seems a little low-key compared to January’s Oscar-friendly releases. What we are left with is a mix of sequels, blockbusters, nifty independent films and of course that Valentine’s Day film based on a fairly popular romance book (Fifty Shades of Grey). Here is a run of the other films that February has to offer – or put more bluntly, the ones that you should miss.

Jupiter Ascending
Jupiter Ascending

(6th February 2015, UK)

Set in a bright and colourful future, a destitute caretaker called Jupiter Jones (Mila Kunis) under the protection of a genetically engineered warrior, Caine Wise (Channing Tatum) together travel the universe to hide from a tyrannical leader who seeks a new heir. Sound bouncers? It definitely is, as other than the glorious special effects, it is literally a damsel in distress adventure in outer-space, along with a few over-the-top performances and action sequences. It’s got the ambitions of Star Wars, but one dimensionally it gets struck as Star Bores instead…

Project Almanac Project Almanac
(16th February 2015, UK)

What would you do if you could travel in time? Often the movies that tackle that question try to make it too complex. This time around however, and attempting to bring a little more adolescent and fun to the mix, we follow a group of teens who discover plans of a secret time machine and construct one. Using it repeatedly, things soon become drastically out of control. With Michael Bay attached as a producer, sadly it is just a bash of brawn, mischief and found-footage, rather than any real sci-fi travel endeavours.

Love Is StrangeLove Is Strange
(13th February 2015, UK)

Strikingly different to this year’s other Valentine’s Day movie, Love is Strange, written and directed by Ira Sachs, is a tale of what happens after Ben and George get married. Together in a same-sex marriage for nearly four decades, they battle against unemployment, housing – and living together. Starring Alfred Molina and John Lithgow (who both give stellar performances), the film seems a too quiet and slow to actually build on anything, leaving us with a charming, yet unresourceful romance.

The Duke BurgundyThe Duke of Burgundy
(20th February 2015, UK)

The Duke of Burgundy has a narrative that is to be admired. Over an hour and a half of butterflies and moths, and a woman who tests the limits of her relationship around it. Surely that is a parody of something? Apparently not, as dipping in serious waters, the ambitous drama is an attempt to metaphorically compare butterflies and moths, to sexual S&M activities. It’s weird, and quite unsuccessful in doing so, putting you in a disconnected position of justification as to what you just watched. On the other hand, it has been shot quite nicely – so it has that going for it.

The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

(26th February 2015, UK)

Bringing back all the stellar cast from the original 2012 movie - plus with Richard Gere now along for the ride. The film picks up from where it left off, the only difference is that Sonny (Dev Patel’s character), has dreamingly expanded his hotel in ‘The Second-Best Exotic Marigold Hotel’ – a new and vacant property for the elderly and beautiful. Helping to make the hotel to a reality, the cast joint the work-force in a plan that will hopefully - and unexpectedly endure.

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January 17, 2016 0:03 AM

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Charlie Green
Charlie Green

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