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Interviews #2

David Hayter

Interview with David Hayter: Director of Wolves

Toronto After Dark is in full-swing and among the many screenings, I managed to scrounge enough time for an interview with David Hayter, screenwriter for blockbusters X-Men, X-2, and Watchmen. David is in town for the festivities and to promote his directorial debut ... [Read More]

  October 24, 2014
By Joseph Falcone Comments

Testament of Youth

Testament of Youth: World-Premiere Red Carpet Interviews

The cast and crew of Testament of Youth gathered on the red-carpet recently for the world-premiere of their film at this years BFI London Film Festival [Tuesday 14th October]. Our Editor-In-Chief, Charlie Green, who is covering the festival went along to speak to the director ... [Read More]

 October 22, 2014
By Charlie Green Comments


Garrick Hamm: Director of Retrospective Interview

Based on the short-story by Kevin Wignall, Retrospective is a twenty-minute short-film due out this December. We recently met with director Garrick Hamm to discuss style and substance that brought it to screen. In Retrospective, war-time photographer Jonathan Hoyle ... [Read More]

 October 20, 2014
By Charlie Green Comments


Interview with Naji Abu Nowar and Jack Fox for Theeb

As part of our London Film Festival coverage, we recently had the pleasure of sitting down with director Naji Abu Nowar and actor Jack Fox as they discuss behind the scenes anecdotes of the award-winning Theeb. Set Arabia, 1916, in a forgotten corner of the Ottoman Empire ... [Read More]

 October 20, 2014
By Charlie Green Comments

Night Bus

Interview with Simon Baker: Director of Night Bus

Gone With The Movies recently caught up with first-time writer and director Simon Baker to discuss his new movie, Night Bus. Which has its world premiere at this year's BFI London Film Festival. Night Bus is entirely set on a double-decker bus during one Friday night in urban ... [Read More]

 October 12, 2014
By Charlie Green Comments


'71: Red Carpet Interviews With Cast and Crew:

The cast and crew of '71 took to the red-carpet this evening for it's Europeon Premiere at the BFI London Film Festival. The film follows Jack O’Connell’s lead character, Gary Hook, who is deployed to Belfast, Northern Ireland to help control an emergency situation caused by IRA .. [Read More]

 October 09, 2014
By Charlie Green Comments
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