How To Be Single: Interviews from the European Premiere

How To Be Single is the story about Alice (Dakota Johnson), Robin (Rebel Wilson), Lucy, Meg, Tom and David, who all need to learn how to be single in New York City and in a world filled with ever-evolving definitions of love.

We attended the red carpet for How To Be Single in Leicester Square, London at it's European Premiere and had the opportunity to ask Dana Fox (Writer and Producer) and Christian Ditter (Director) some questions about the movie.

How To Be Single arrives in UK cinemas 19th February 2016.

Dana Fox – Writer and Producer
What was your favourite part of the movie?How To Be Single: Interviews from the Red Carpet
For me, my favourite part of the movie was, we were up very late, we were all very very tired, but for me these actors are so incredibly talented and it’s so special when you’re watching behind the monitor and you see something happening in the moment that you know is so genuine and so real and so improvisational, because they understood the character well. They were able to make jokes within the story, within their characters and that was the thing that was so exciting. I’ve known Dakota Johnson for a while now, we worked together for a while and I’m totally obsessed with her. She is not afraid to try really weird things and fall on her arse and get up and try again. I was watching something be created in front of me. To me that’s a once in a life time experience.

What was your inspiration for the movie?
My inspiration comes from real life. I talk to all my friends who are single and my friends that weren’t single but wanted to be single and I have a bit from Katie Silberman (co-producer), who is an incredibly talented young writer and she was on set with me every day and we would talk about our ideas and smash things around. Everything for me that’s the funniest is something that comes from the real, from real pain, from something that is really happening, that’s where it came from.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learnt from relationships and love?
My biggest lesson learned is truly figure out who you really are as a person, because you want to be the full spectrum of yourself. You want to be the bad you, the messy you, the let your hair down version of you, you’ve got you let your fake flag fly, because you’ve got to let someone find you who likes those things.

Christian Ditter – Director
Will you be looking to do a “How to be Single 2”, but directed more towards a male audience?
That’s a really good idea. My entire life until today was focused on getting this movie in front of an audience, that’s what I’m doing today and then we’ll see. It’s a good idea though.

What inspired you to be a part of this project?
What inspired me was the script. When I read the script I though “Why didn’t anybody show me this movie when I was single?”, because I would have thought so much better about myself, so that’s why I wanted to make this movie. It’s very empowering, very uplifting and a lot of fun for all the single people and Valentine’s Day, when the movie comes out, is a shitty day for single people usually. Go to see the movie, you’re going to have a great time, I promise.

What is your advice in terms of love and romance?
Don’t and actively search for it, because if you don’t, it will come to you.

How To Be Single: Interviews from the Red Carpet


How To Be Single arrives in UK cinemas 15th January 2016.


Article Written On:
10th February 2016 22:45 PM

Interviewed On:
9th January 2016 18:00 PM

Words By:
Charlie Green
Charlie Green

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