Bone Tomahawk

Setting a very bold statement, Bone Tomahawk starts in an unusual way. Men, tied to the floor getting their throats slits by bandits as their belongings are pillaged. Immediately you know this film will be different to others - and you may certainly need to hide behind your hands!

Shortly after it opens, we head to Brightwood - a local town that fits right into a Spaghetti Western era with swinging doors and tumbleweed everything. Upon which, we find that danger has struck, where strangers have entered the town, killed men, stolen horses and abducted some of the locals from the police station!

With a search party built up, they head off into the distance to find them! Consisting of Sheriff Franklin Hunt (Kurt Russell), the “backup deputy sheriff” Chicory (Richard Jenkins), the husband of one of those taken away, Arthur O'Dwyer (Patrick Wilson) and the trigger happy John Brooder (Matthew Fox) - the search ensues.

Without giving much away, the remainder of the adventure brings them through a wilderness of beautiful vistas, bandits and cannibalistic cave dwellers.

Was it a bad movie? Is the Western genre completely dead? Certainly not. It was entertaining enough to keep you engrossed, it is very different to the rest of cinema you see presently and it certainly kept me on the edge of seat as the characters enter maddening situations...

Despite the genre not being portrayed every often - only two films over the past four years compared to the twenty superhero films - it was a pleasant treat and reminds us how good it can be, bringing back the Sergio Leone nostalgia. But as well as the Western centre, it also dips its toes into the Horror scene and hosts a plethora of acting talent that will draw in the audiences! If it was released twenty years ago, it would be a major hit. But with today's mind-set, it won't do as well. Despite its successes and entertainment.

Rating:  4 Star Rating

Bone Tomahawk arrives in UK cinemas on 19th February 2016.
You can watch the trailer by clicking here.

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19th February 2016

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