If You Don't, I Will

Usually break-ups are difficult, yet in If You Don't, I Will, it is thoroughly entertaining, and in the style of French art house comedy it is unlike anything before it.

Starring; Emmanuelle Devos as Pomme, and Mathieu Alamaric as Pierre, the film establishes that they have been together for a while. They even have a personal-trainer to make their bodies seem attractive to one other. Yet, their marriage is in trouble and both of them realise it.

In an attempt to save their relationship, they decide to take a hike in the woods together... which makes issues worse. After some discussion, Pierre drives home and leaves Pomme there.

Leading to a rather tedious in between locations scenes we contrasting see Pomme sleeping on logs, yet her still-husband at home in bed. It is un-usual humour and considering their backgrounds strange to see Devos and Amalric agreeing to do this genre piece.

Eventually, Pomme decides to walk home after a few days to talk about their future together. Directed and written by Sophie Fillieries, the film is at least twenty-minutes too long and just lacking... 

Rating:  2 Star Rating

If You Don't, I Will was shown a London Film Festival 2014 on 12th October 2014.
You can watch the trailer by clicking here.

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12th October 2014

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