Jurassic World

Twenty-Two years after Jurassic Park sees the release of this thrilling, action packed, on the edge of seat sequel, Jurassic World.

Isla Nebula is the island setting for the dinosaur theme park. Ten years after its opening, they are starting to see a decrease in visitor rates which sparks the idea to create a new attraction to bring more people onto the island park; an attraction that is bigger, better and scarier than ever before. To create this incredible new attraction and new dinosaur, the Jurassic World scientists had to put together genes from a combination of animals to create a dinosaur to this specification.

Visiting Jurassic World are two brothers, a young dinosaur enthusiast, Gray (Ty Simpkins) and his older grumpy brother, Zach (Nick Robinson), visiting their Aunt, Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard), who is responsible for the day-to-day running of the park. When this test tube created dinosaur wreaks havoc on Isla Nebula we see the stories of these three characters as they hide for cover, run from trouble and fight to survive.

Owen Grady (Chris Pratt), ex-military dude, lives on the island and has managed to form a bond with and gain a great knowledge of Raptors. During the terror, the dinosaur led Owen to try his upmost to protect Claire and her nephews while attempting to defeat the beast.

Throughout this movie, I was watching on the edge of my seat, I experienced moments of thrilling action and shocking terror, it was an emotional rollercoaster. There were scenes of dinosaurs fighting that reminded me of parts of Godzilla (2014), however with a more in depth build up generating a greater suspense.

The message throughout the majority of this movie was on the conservation of the dinosaurs and Owen’s wish to not modify the creation of a dinosaur. The fantastic visual effects required to generate this idea gave the movie a sense of realism, a feeling that these are real animals that we have to make an effort to conserve.

Overall, I found every feature of this movie to be incredible. It seemed realistic, it was jaw dropping, it was intense and was a brilliant sequel for the Jurassic Park movies.

Rating:  5 Star Rating

Jurassic World arrives in UK cinemas on 11th June 2015.
You can watch the trailer by clicking here.

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11th June 2015

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