Sex Tape

If Cameron Diaz rolled into the room wearing rollerskates and an incredibly skimpy outfit suggesting that you make a sex tape, would you? In the film Sex Tape, Annie (Diaz) and Jay (Segal) answered just that very question.

When seeing this film, we were concerned that this was the kind of movie where everything good had already been seen in the trailer, but this was not the case. Sex Tape is a humorous film which leaves no line uncrossed in the world of filming a sex tape.

Annie, a "yummy mummy" of two and writer of a Mum's blog with Jay, a music producer with a clear love of iPads are two loveable characters that attempt to spice up their relationship by filming a night lasting the length of the film "Lincoln".

This film thankfully rationalises the need to give friends and family (and the "mailman") iPads as gifts as well as the reasoning for the videos to be shared between these iPads so freely. Believe it or not, this was an issue that really concerned me before seeing this film, but did come with a reasonable explanation.

The film shows an interesting roller coaster of a journey in order to track down the video and all of its recipients including an interesting cameo by Jack Black, which bought amusement to the already funny story already including vicious Dogs, child blackmail and cocaine.

Overall, this is an amusing movie which featured an interesting role for both Cameron Diaz and Jason Segal in an extremely saucy, yet entertaining movie - a movie you should certainly see at least once.

Rating:  4 Star Rating

Sex Tape arrives in UK cinemas on 3rd September 2014.
You can watch the trailer by clicking here.

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3rd September 2014

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