Starring heavyweight actresses, Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara - Carol, their upcoming film together is quite a romantic drama, to say the least.

Beginning in New York, Therese (Mara) meets Carol (Blanchett) where she buys a train at a toy store, yet unexpectedly sparks the start of a relationship. Progressing in a gradual manner, they don't dive right in and embrace, but take it slow. But it is slow to the point where the story starts to drag a bit. I do think the story could have been punchier without losing the tone and effect.

One of the things that many people (including I) did not realise however, is that homosexual relationships were forbidden in 1950's America, which puts a different perspective onto this touching story. Added into the mix is also the fact that Carol is still wedded to her husband and the divorce and custody of her daughter is still going through battles.

With the relationship growing stronger between them, Carol must try to avoid weakening her case for the custody of her child. Indulging in illegal activities would be something to avoid...
The romance scenes between Carol and Theresa are incredibly gripping and presented in a way that doesn’t focus on the two lovers being female, but focuses on the relationship of two people that fall in love (just a bit slowly).

Both Blanchett and Mara give brilliant and intense performances throughout. With Rooney playing the young aspiring photographer falling in love with Cate’s slightly older and more affluent character it is gripping in its entirety.

Altogether, Carol is not an awful movie by any means - and is absolutely worth a watch! Particularly for the epic performances and beautiful cinematography. However I do think it could have been more concise and punctual without pulling away from the stories intensity.

Rating:  4 Star Rating

Carol arrives in UK cinemas on 27th November 2015.
You can watch the trailer by clicking here.

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27th November 2015

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