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Berlinale 2016

Coverage on the 66th Berlinale Film Festival:

Join George Armstrong, as he covers the 66th Berlinale film festival, 2016: Running from 11th February, through to 21st February 2016– the Berlinale is one of the first film festivals to start in the year... [Read more]

 February 12, 2016
By George Armstrong  

London Film Festival

BFI London Film Festival 2015 - Coverage

Running from the 7th - 18th October 2015, the London Film Festival - now on its 59th year, is set to showcase over 300 features; documentaries and shorts from over 50 countries. Our aim is simple, cover as much of the event as possible and critic what films are worth your time... [Read more]

1  October 07, 2015
By Various Staff  

The future of cinema

Crowdfunding: an indepth look at the future of cinema

You may have heard the term ‘crowdfunding’ before. If you haven’t, then you certainly will over the next few years. It is the future of cinema, and it looks like it is here to stay. But what exactly is it? With the help of Miranda Fleming, UK Creative and Marketing director of Indiegogo .. [Read more]

 October 07, 2015
By Charlie Green Comments

March 2015 Films

Movies of March [What is worth you time, and what is not]:

Compared to the rest of the year, March lacks in terms of movies, especially 'hyped up fiascos'. Other than a few new ideas, the majority are mainly entertainment, money seeking corporate makes. None of an real significance or that will be remembered in even two-years time... [Read More]

 March 28, 2015
By Charlie Green Comments

Oscars 2015


It's easily the biggest and most important night of the film industry. All of year's hard work and talent gathers together to celebrate the greatness of film. Hosted this year by Neil Patrick Harris, the event will as always be watched by millions worldwide. Join us as we tweet; the winners ... [Read More]

 February 15, 2015
By Charlie Green  

February 2015 Films

Films you may - or probably should - have missed: February 2015

Continuing the year of movies, February seems a little low-key compared to January’s Oscar-friendly releases. What we are left with is a mix of sequels, blockbusters, nifty independent films and of course that Valentine’s Day film based on a fairly popular romance book ... [Read More]

 February 14, 2015
By Charlie Green Comments

January 2015 Films

The 'other' films of January 2015

January is the beginning of a fantastic year for films - in fact, it could easily be given the accolade as the best year for films ever! We see the return of Star Wars, Bond, Avengers, plus many more exciting projects. Here is our January edition of some films we not did cover as much ... [Continue]

 January 12, 2015
By Charlie Green Comments

Release Schedule 2015

What films and when in 2015? (UK Release Schedule)

2015 is set to be the biggest (and possibly) best year for film so far. With hundreds of new blockbusters, independents and franchises all pushing forward it could be hard to keep track of what is coming out and when. Fortuntately, we have complied a release schedule for UK ...

 January 01, 2015
By Various Staff  


Coverage on the 65th Berlinale Film Festival:

Join our Editor-in-Chief, Charlie Green, as he covers the 65th Berlinale film festival, 2015: Running from February 05th, through to February 12th – the Berlinale is one of the first film festivals to start in the year. Which, by all means, is one of the first places that new, unique ... [Continue]

 December 18, 2014
By Charlie Green  


Top five new releases to see this Christsmas!

Ho, ho, ho! – It seems that Santa has brought many films for us to watch this Christmas holiday. Sadly, within that bag of treats there is also some coal mixed in. But, also some festive, jolly warmers that are well worth the watch. Here is our recommendation of new releases to see over the festive break:

 December 18, 2014
By Charlie Green Comments

Toronto After Dark Film Festival

Toronto After Dark Film Festival 2014 - Coverage

Showcasing the best of recent horror, sci-fi, action and cult cinema, the Toronto After Dark film festival runs from 16th - 24th October 2014 and hosts a selection of feature-length and short-films from around the world.Our writer based in Toronto, Joseph Falcone, is covering the ... [Continue]

 October 24, 2014
By Joseph Falcone  

London Film Festival

BFI London Film Festival 2014 - Coverage

Join our Editor-in-Chief, Charlie Green, as he covers the BFI hosted, London Film Festival 2014. Running from the 8th - 19th October, the London Film Festival - now on its 58th year, is set to showcase over 300 features; documentaries and shorts from over 50 countries ... [Continue]

 October 08, 2014
By Charlie Green  

Top 10 Films: Staff Picks

Staff Picks: Our Top 10 Selections of Films from 2013

It has been a cracking year for the movie industry, almost making it a fair statement that the amount of decent movies outweighs the bad ones. Sharknado or Movie 43 anyone? ... With that said, the fantastic staff - based all around the world - that work on this website ... [Read More]

 January 22, 2014
By Various Staff Comments

Academy Awards - Oscars

Academy Awards - Oscars 2014 - Live Coverage

The biggest event in movies! - Oscars 2014 ... Join us for all the necessary updates on the 87th Academy Awards. Nominations, as well as our predictions will be live listed below, along with their glorious posters and more!

 January 16, 2014
By Charlie Green Comments

Golden Globes 2014 Coverage

Golden Globes 2014 - Live Coverage

UK Channel: E! (Sky 151) - From 11pm (GMT) onwards.
US Channel: NBC - From 6pm (ET) onwards.

Join us for a live Tweet-a-long of the Golden Globes as it happens

 January 12, 2014
By Charlie Green Comments

Cinema's Weirdest Easter Eggs

Cinema's Weirdest Easter Eggs

One of the most enjoyable aspects of cinema are the enigmatic and often obscure jokes found in so many films: the Easter Eggs. There are many stories surrounding the birth of this cinematic tradition. One of my favourites is about the actual Easter Eggs hidden in various ... [Read More]

 November 09, 2013
By Julia Wolf Comments

An Afternoon With Sir Roger Moore

'An Afternoon with Sir Roger Moore' - Event Review

'The saying ‘never meet your heroes’ has never been so wrong as Sir Roger Moore graced our presence at the Reading Hexagon last weekend (Saturday 2nd November) to what was an entertaining show, giving his biggest fans the chance to finally meet the legend in person ... [Read More]

 November 06, 2013
By Charlie Green Comments

Top 10 Movie Antiheroes

Top 10 Movie Antiheroes

Every now and then there comes along a protagonist who might go off the deep end. You know, beat someone half-to-death, take pleasure in humanities destruction, or have the occasional soul erased from the face of the earth. Now, however they chose to go about ...

 August 16, 2013
By Joseph Falcone Comments

Top 10 Actors Who Have Missed An Oscar

Top 10 Male Actors Who’ve Never Won An Oscar

As far as being acknowledged for a piece of work goes, an Oscar nomination is easily one of the most difficult to earn. That being said, year after year, there are front runners. The same, familiar faces we, as cinephiles, have come to expect great things from. And every year ...

 August 10, 2013
By: Joseph Falcone Comments

Top 5 Brad Pitt Movies

The Top 5 Brad Pitt Movies

The mood itself provides a creepy atmosphere. An interesting thing is how we never actually see the killer actually doing the crimes; all we see is the aftermath of it. Nothing is held back, the victims are shown in grisly details. Dialog was masterfully written. Andrew Kevin ...

 August 08, 2013
By: Alec Muzquiz Comments

The Top 10 Movie Monsters

The Top 10 Movie Monsters

Whether you’re following vast, deep footprints through destruction and carnage, searching for a safe zone, or staring down a snarling, drooling, gargantuan beast face-to-face. Nothing beats the sheer adrenaline, fear, and conscientious clarity that comes with outrunning ...

 August 03, 2013
By: Joseph Falcone Comments

The Top 10 Superhero Movies

The Top 10 Superhero Movies

With “Man of Steel” released recently, I figured now would be as good a time as any to deliver my 10, all-time favourite superhero films. I didn’t want to jump the gun just in case “Man of Steel” managed to crack the list and then have to go back and edit it, that’s why I waited ...

 July 30, 2013
By: Joseph Falcone Comments

The Top 10 Movie Zombies

The Top 10 Zombie Flicks

I don’t think there is a film category I love more than the notoriously gory, excessively violent, and at times, down-right idiotic Zombie sub-genre. Show me someone who doesn’t yearn for rotting flesh so detailed you can almost smell the decomposition or over-the-top brutality ...

 July 30, 2013
By: Joseph Falcone Comments

The Top 10 Movie Bromances

The Top 10 Movie Bromances

Who doesn’t love a good bromance? Exactly, no one! That’s precisely why I compiled this week’s top 10. Now, granted, bromances are usually a terrific source of uncomfortable situations and bad decisions. However, they’ve also given us some of the most iconic, hilarious, and sweet ...

 July 11, 2013
By: Joseph Falcone Comments

The Top 10 Movie Cameos

The Top 10 Movie Cameos

'In this top 10 I believe you’ll find, like I did, that a cameo doesn’t have any criteria, they simply succeed or falter based on their own individual merit. Granted, a few of the cameos listed are quite odd, funny, incredible, memorable, and indescribable, but there are no ...

 July 5, 2013
By: Joseph Falcone Comments

The Best Alien Invasion Films - Our Top Five Movies

The Best Alien Invasion Films - Our Top Five Movies

'Second feature of the five bests is the best alien invasion films. Science fiction is my genre, alien films are a keen interest and alien invasion films are just damn cool! It’s a good mixture of these types of films. I have featured action heavy films to dramatic paranoia and all of ...

 April 14, 2013
By Tim The Film Guy Comments

Top Five Schwartzenegger Films

The Best of Arnold Schwarzenegger - His Top Five Movies

'Arnold Schwarzenegger has been in some of the best actions films I have ever seen, and whilst some of his films have been terrible he does have a lot of good films behind him. The reason I have brought this list out of storage is because this weekend his first film as a ...

 April 14, 2013
By Tim The Film Guy Comments

In Audience With Barry Norman Gone With The Movies

'In Audience With Barry Norman' - Event Review

'And why not?' - Barry Norman, Britain's most famous film critic appeared at the Braintree Arts Theatre and shared with the audience some of his favourite films as well as answering questions from his extensive journalism career with Hollywood stars. Our host for the evening made ...

 March 20, 2013
By Charlie Green Comments

Christopher Nolan Gone With The Movies

Why Christopher Nolan Should Direct A Bond Film...

Following the success of Skyfall I am left wondering where the Bond franchise will go from here directorial wise. Personally, considering Sam Mendes passes, I would like to see Christopher Nolan direct a Bond movie. I have many reasons as to why. Christopher Nolan has already ...

 March 20, 2013
By Charlie Green Comments

The A-Zed's of Quentin Tarantino

The A-Zed's Of American Film-Maker Quentin Tarantino

Our detailed look at the American Film-maker Quentin Tarantino. From his humble beginings to his cult status across the world. Varying from Samuel L. Jackson all the way to his production companies right to his Big Kuhuna Burgers - we got it all covered ...

 March 18, 2013
By Charlie Green Comments
Berlinale 2016

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