Dumb and Dumber To

Should all films be rated on the same scale? Meaning that your comedic Dumb and Dumber To is comparable to the dramatic The Hurt Locker? If so, then it is complete and utter shit, as are all comedy films – however, if they are not on the same scale, but instead rated by type or specific genre then it is an entirely different scenario – one that makes Dumb and Dumber To, actually not that bad!

Set 20 years later than the first, Dumb and Dumber To follows on almost immediately after it left off, with not much actually happening in between. Returning to their pinnacle roles of Lloyd and Harry, Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels back! In fact, 20 years ago, and still today, it is still strange to see in Jeff Daniels in such a film. To go on the spectrum of serious films, such as Looper to the bonkers Dumb and Dumber To is beyond us.

But do not get confused. This is designed for pure entertainment, so do not expect anything meaningful other than smiles galore, stupid humour and chipped teeth. Although, sadly not all of the film’s humour is new. Most of which is about fifty percent recycled jokes from the first - which is now twenty years old - such as the Mutts Cutts van making a cameo, the mouth spray gag, and the blind kid returning.

However, when there is new humour introduced it is often disappointing. But what do you expect from the Farrelly brothers though? Look at their filmography over the past 20 years and try to convince somebody that one of them is reasonably good. It is nearly impossible. (To name a few: Dumb and Dumber, Me Myself and Irene, Shallow Hal, Hall Pass and – the shockingly awful – Movie 43).

One of the greatest underplays in the film is that Harry’s new roommate is a drug-dealer, and it is in fact Bull Murray in a cameo role – but you wouldn’t know it as he was never shown or given any until his name appears on the closing credits.

It’s comedic, elusive and at points hilarious. But it needs to draw the line that stupid is not always funny – just pure idiocy. Fans of the original would be impressed. Whereas non-fans will surely hate it.

Rating:  3 Star Rating

Dumb and Dumber To arrives in UK cinemas on 19th December 2014.
You can watch the trailer by clicking here.

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19th December 2014

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