San Andreas

Disaster films are always hard to pull off. There is always an underlying comparison to real-life and how utterly fantasised they are. They come out almost once a year with a massive promotional campaign, but then flop or are forgotten completely after DVD release. (2012, Into the Storm, for example). The newest on the block, San Andreas, continues this streak as director, Brad Peyton combines all possible fears, projections and a plethora of overwhelming fantasy into the disaster that is San Andreas.

The focal point of the film - and also picking up led character is Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson. Playing Ray, a rescue helicopter pilot, the first glimpse we get of him as he rips a door off a car to save a girl from a sudden death-drop... From that point on the action and realism battle each over out. After being introduced to the characters and there side-issues, a series of massive earthquakes occur throughout the West Coast of California which cripples the cities towering skyscrapers, buildings and inhabitants. The remainder of the film is then of Ray attempting to save his family for the destructive area.

Now, the general audience won't notice or care - but from a scientific point-of-view, San Andreas is a substantially flawed and inaccurate mishap. If there was an earthquake to occur on the West Coast, it would at a maximum only hit 8.3 magnitude - not a 9.6 like the film depicts. Forgetting the physical proportions, cringeworthy Brits and lack of narrative - San Andreas is averagely entertaining as the action/destruction of landmarks carries you along in a edge-of-seat 'OH MY GOD, EARTHQUAKES EVERYWHERE' visual phenomenon.

Rating:  2 Star Rating

San Andreas arrives in UK cinemas on 29th May 2015.
You can watch the trailer by clicking here.

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28th May 2015

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