Steve Jobs

There was an incredible line up for this movie – Directed by Danny Boyle, Michael Fassbender playing Steve Jobs and Seth Rogan playing Steve Wozniak did this really have a chance to go wrong?

Primarily set back-stage at three iconic product launches led by Steve Jobs, we see the pressure, stress, visitors and problems that occurred before Steve Jobs went on stage. Played by Michael Fassbender, at points I felt like I was watching clips of the actual Steve Jobs. His resemblance to Jobs was perfect and showed a character in him that the public never really saw, a stubborn, persuasive and occasionally threatening person who was set out to get what he wanted, to achieve his vision, and did everything he could to make sure nobody got in his way.

Seth Rogan played Steve Wozniak, again an incredible likeness to the man himself. It was refreshing to see Seth playing a very serious character and at points, a rather emotional role. As I very often see him in comedies, it’s good to see Seth showing another side of his acting potential.

It is impossible to forget Kate Winslet’s character also, Joanna Hoffman, the marketing executive who always stood alongside Steve. In the movie she was responsible for making sure everything is “right on the night” and attempting at every occasion to restore the relationship between Steve Jobs and his daughter. Kate Winslet’s American accent did very often slip between different styles of accent which did occasionally made me think “Oh wait, she is trying to be American?” It’s not the smooth American accent that we are used to; however I don’t think it drew away from the story and the movie.

The story was great and was told in an incredibly interesting way. Although we were focused on a particular time of Steve Jobs’ life, prior to the product launch presentations, we were taken back to particular moments in his life, such as when Jobs and Wozniak were working together in a garage building an Apple computer. Although we were looking at a specific time, we were given depth, some background and a fuller picture of what was occurring.

Prior to seeing the movie, watching the trailer and reading what other people had said, I was concerned that this would give a very negative perception of Steve Jobs and would shed a bad light on his reputation. Although the movie did that in some ways, often showing him as an emotionless and what could be perceived as a generally horrible person, we saw Steve Jobs grow as a person and did see some heart there and towards the end of the movie particularly, did see a loving and caring person.

Danny Boyle’s career is glowing bright, especially with Steve Jobs being added to the filmography and with the potential of “Trainspotting 2” on the horizon; I cannot wait to see more of his movies. Throughout we saw incredible acting, moments that gave me chills of excitement and was interpreted in a way that kept me enticed from start to finish.

Rating:  5 Star Rating

Steve Jobs arrives in UK cinemas on 13th November 2015.
You can watch the trailer by clicking here.

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13th November 2015

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