Michael Caine and Harvey Keitel are legends in film. They fill cinema screens with audiences coming to see their standalone films; they act well and always appeal. So, putting them both in a film together would surely be a good idea. Right?

The movie seems odd and slightly complex to explain, but can best be described from this quick summary:
Fred (Caine), a retired orchestra conductor and his friend Mick (Keitel) an ageing film director are in a luxury hotel contemplating life and discussing how much they urinated. You know' the usual conversation elder generations have?

Sadly, the movie consists of not much more than that... which is probably why it comes across as a little odd with not much content to sell it. Other than building up to one pinnacle point, it was a let-down.

Writer and director Paolo Sorrentino had the potential to make a wonderful movie showing the fears and challenges of growing old, finding your identity and trying to cherish the moments of significance and build creations to be remembered, putting your final signature on life. The movie felt as though Sorrentino was aiming for this, but unfortunately did not achieve it.

Given the weak, quite event less script, the cast still perform well. But looking over their expansive and iconic careers, this is not something that will be remembered.

Rating:  2 Star Rating

Youth arrives in UK cinemas on 29th January 2016.
You can watch the trailer by clicking here.

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29th January 2016

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